Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The future's arrived...

...and it's shrink-wrapped.

Seven colour-coded personality types I can live with.

But choosing a one or three year lifespan? That seems a little, well, wrong somehow.

Well, I mentioned some of the spiritual problems with cloning back here, so I won't digress on the subject now.

I just thought I'd say: Elliot, how'd you fancy one of these for your birthday?


Elliot said...

Gross. No thanks.

There's something fake about that website. It's got to be a practical joke. [looks on Snopes]

Yup, they're fakes:

UKSteve said...

Well, yeah, I knew that really. But you can actually buy them - this is the website of the bloke behind them.

But, at $800 for a non-moving one, I'm kinda glad you don't want one!

Oh, but many happy returns. :)

Elliot said...