Monday, February 26, 2007

A short post

I was planning to post the next part of Who is This God Person Anyway today, but it threatened to turn into something of substance and depth, so I figured it deserved a bit more thought rather than being unleashed on the world as a half finished stream of thoughts, as is my usual blogging technique :) Hopefully it will be worth the wait!

In other news, my website is temporarily offline; I've switched hosts so I can put a proper shop page in and a whole bunch of other stuff that I couldn't before. I always liked the idea of providing DVD-style extra features - as done brilliantly by Jasper Fforde - and if I can cobble together enough material I might do something along those lines too. With any luck, pages of some sort will start appearing over the next week or so, although the full revamp I've been promising it for ages will take a while.

Oh, and for those eagerly anticipating the arrival of Primeval overseas: don't hold your breath. We've had three episodes and I'm getting more apathetic towards it already. Not a good sign after a promising start. When's the next season of Doctor Who due...?

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