Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slight return

Yes, it's been a while.

And at the moment I'm trying to figure out whether I have the time, inclination and subject matter to start posting here properly.

But, before I do, this is just a quick postlet to make sure everyone knows the NaNoWriMo spectacular at must end this weekend. No, you can't buy a sofa on interest free credit, but you can get a copy of Countless as the Stars for £4.50 including UK p&p, or read the unedited NaNoWriMo original draft of the sequel, Children of the Stars. Seriously, if you think Left Behind was bad, you should read Children of the Stars. It makes those guys look like professionals.

So please feel welcome to stop by there, something new will (possibly) go up there during March if you happen to be late; and in the meantime, if you happen to have enjoyed this blog back in its glory days (?) go ahead and leave a comment on what you would like to see more of. By which I mean any of at all.