Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Look Who's Back!

Well, me for one, after a little Easter breakette.

But more importantly, the Doctor is in the house again. And what I like about the latest series of Doctor Who is that the beeb are actually trying to make 'event telly' out of science fiction. Whether they will succeed or just hype the thing to death remains to be seen, but if anyone can do it, it's the Doctor, with his universal appeal (he was, after all, invented as a kid's TV show, and most of us have grown up with one or more of his incarnations), and the fact that the show can wander seemlessly from far future zombie adventure to gothic horror to parallel universe without losing coherence.

There was an oblique reference to the Doctor in the first episode as 'a lonely god' - a reference to his existence outside of normal space and time, the last of the Timelords - which may be worth exploring here later (at the moment I think it would just repeat some of the Sam Beckett discussion - we'll see what happens to the Doctor later).

In the meantime, here are a couple of interesting Doctor Who related websites:


Stuart said...

Welcome back. :)

I've never been able to get into Dr. Who. But maybe that's just because i've only seen scattered episodes. And british television has a tendency to grate on my nerves (well other than Monty Python). :)

Anonymous said...

I missed some episodes when the new "Dr. Who" showed up on Canadian television, but maybe they'll take pity on me and rerun them before the second season.

I love the idea that the same character has been on the air so long and that he has fans in multiple generations...