Monday, May 15, 2006

Miscellaneous Bloggery 3

A few things have caught my eye during the weekend's surfing, so here are some highlights that may appeal:

More comment on that Da Vinci thing, from Caritas and Johnny Dangerous.

Half of the new Entropy Gate website is up: check out the website and the blog.

Becky Miller has finished discussing theme, and is off on the subject of 'Fanatsy and a Christian Worldview'. I shall be watching carefully, if only to pilfer ideas for this blog... ;)

Becky will also be participating in a Christian fantasy related blog tour, which you can find out a bit more about at Beth Goddard's blog, and which kicks off with this feature at Christian Fiction Review.

Tomorrow we'll get back to science fiction. Probably.

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Mirtika said...

I'm also participating in the CSF/F blog tour (I've linked to you as a participant, as per Becky). If any of your regulars want a chance to win a free copy of the all-in-one FIREBIRD trilogy by Kathy Tyers, I'm giving one away for this promotional event.