Monday, June 05, 2006

Miscellaneous Bloggery 4

The fourth in an occasional series in which I can't be bothered to come up with anything original to write about.

Following my Snow Crash review, Elliot has drawn attention to this post about the author by Theocoid.

Madame Mirathon posted some SF/F stuff to sweeten our Sundays; I expect any day will do though. :)

And during a moment of random having-nothing-better-to-do, I came across this discussion of science fiction & supernaturalism, and this slightly older blog on Christianity and science fiction, and this slightly negative view of the subject from Think Christian a while back.


Mirtika said...

thanks for the link to that "slightly older blog". I really enjoyed that. I've bookmarked it and hope it gets updated with more frequency. Liked this:
"Perhaps the church needs to defend against the perpetual Da Vinci Codes not just by explaining where they go wrong but by writing better bestsellers to wipe falsehood off the top ten list. The beauty of writing is surely a beauty given by God, and the church loses immensely by losing that beauty."

And thanks for the Mirathon link. :)


Elliot said...

Argh! None of them have heard of anyone aside from C.S. Lewis! What's wrong with this world?!

And the final, 'slightly negative view' doesn't even permit comments, so I can't point out my tour of the subject to them. Oh well.

UKSteve said...

Well, what can you do, eh? Let's hope they pick up on the fact that I linked to them and drop by to further their education ;)