Thursday, October 05, 2006

miscellaneous bloggery 6

The sixth in an occasional series in which I realise I haven't posted here all week because it's my little girl's first birthday and I can't be bothered to come up with anything original to write about.

The new, David-Tennant-shaped Doctor Who has landed in the states. Mir looks forward to season three, and In The Open Space reviews the season opener. Did you guys not get the Christmas Invasion? Or are they saving it for Christmas, when it will be all out of sequence and not make any sense at all?

Oh yes, and in other Christian sf developments, the Armchair Theologian proposes a Christian version of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. I can't believe no-one thought of that before! (Notice how he and Carmen both mention Brian McLaren? Is it Brian McLaren week and I missed it or something?)

In other news, Mir mentioned haiku earlier, a largely irrelevant fact which I mention only because I like haiku too.

Normal service may potentially resume next week.


Mirtika said...

Yeah, they showed Christmas Invasion! Right before the season opener. :)

I loved the joke with the cuppa tea. And I love the homage, sorta, to Empire Strikes Back. And the hand thing.

Tennant is rather adorable. Boyish and skinny and dorky, with great hair. :) I wish they'd let him talk in his real accent. I saw a video of him (interview) and love, love his Scottish sound.

Happy Birthday to One-Year-Old Trower, and may she blossom in every way possible and be an endless delight to you always... and be an SF fan. :D


Elliot said...

Happy birfday, little girl
happy birfday, little girl
we hope you get lots of pres-ents
happy birfday tooooo youoooo...

UKSteve said...

It was the Hitch-hikers homage that did it for me, Mir.

Elliot, I'll be sure to pass that on for you...