Friday, January 19, 2007

Space-filling post of the month

Sorry, Wednesday's post got lost somewhere as I was too busy messing about with 'new' Blogger's bells and whistles. Not that I've really started using them yet, but I'll get round to it.

Anyway, some fun stuff I've been noticing:
Speculative Catholic, having returned from sabbatical a while back, has gone all Martian on us. Some interesting links about Martian calendars and liturgy, if you're into that sort of thing.
And over at the Lost Genre Guild, Andrea Graham wonders why we can't place King David in the midst of a high-tech future, in outer space, or even on another planet? Biblical science-fiction? Almost like sort of a, um, Old Testament Space Opera, maybe? Finest idea I've heard in a while....
Oh, and I've been watching the blog of Chris Walley lately. You know, my nemesis. (Not sure he knows that, mind!) And, much to my disappointment, it reads like he might actually be a decent bloke. He says some funny things. He's frustrated with Britain's Christian so-called-booksellers (and him, a proper author and all). So, since I can't really dislike the man for anything other than being Welsh, I guess I'm forced to admit that I'm just plain jealous.


Elliot said...

What's wrong with hating the Welsh?

Chris said...

Hi, its me your nemesis and yes I am a decent sort of bloke. :-)

Chris Walley