Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Feeling Strangely Bloggy

Yes, it's been a while, but I'm in a bloggy mood today. Maybe someone missed me and started channelling their mental energies at me. Well, whatever, I'm back again now - some minor connection hitches with my shiny new Vista-powered lappie now fixed. (So far, incidentally, I have not gone 'Wow' a single time while using it.)

Oh, and in the process of shifting files onto said new laptop, I mislaid my favourites list, which included a bunch of really interesting stuff I had to blog about. No, really, it did!

So instead I shall mention the highly unlikely event that happened over the weekend: ITV1 showed something good. Obviously startled by the success of Doctor Who, ITV have brought us a new Saturday teatime sf series, Primeval, the basic premise of which is that there are anomalies in time/space through which people can travel, and in the first episode, dinosaurs can stroll into the Forest of Dean. Not sure how many weeks we can watch dinosaurs turn up in unexpected places, but there is a lost-in-the-past-spouse story arc to keep us busy too. The writers have tried to inject a little humour into the proceedings too - witness the boy fighting off a Gorgonopsid with a toy light saber. I look forward to seeing where the series goes from here, anyway. Oh, and there's one of the girls from S Club 7, who drives a Mini Cooper, which is a bonus.

Speaking of Minis on telly, the new series of Life on Mars also just started, so Yoda's small screen debut is just a few weeks away for UK viewers. Unless they cut his scene. Erk.

I think that went quite well. Maybe I shall feel bloggy more often now.


Mirtika said...

What? You get LIFE ON MARS before we do.

The agony.....the injustice!

Mir<--been waiting for the ads signaling the advent of the next season.

UKSteve said...

Speaking of the ads...
Though you might not get the Camberwick Green reference I guess.