Wednesday, April 18, 2007

CSFF April Blog Tour, part two.

CSSF Blog Tour

Here's a few random stops on the CSFF highway, for those who haven't been following the whole tour:

Some reviews of the series on the least read blog and the view from stonewater;

Interviews of Karen Hancock with Shannon and Chris D;

Giveaways courtesy of the Mir, Beth Goddard, Tina Kulesa and the author.

Or you could just click randomly on the list of blog-tourists in the previous post and see what you get.

Oh, and, just because my inner twelve-year-old can't resist adding this sentence: Rebecca Grabill talks about breasts. Something she may yet live to regret.

And once you've done that, pop over to amazon and buy Return of the Guardian-King. Unless you don't get fantasy, of course. In which case, maybe try Arena instead.


hrh said...

Hi Steve:

Thanks for steering people in my direction. I posted my review of Karen's third book today ...

And I love your new website design. Can't wait to see what else you do with it.

I see you're a DW fan, too. We get Series 3 this summer, I think. I'm a huge SJS fan from my childhood and am really hoping we get her new series over here. I saw the pilot on You Tube, but don't know how long they'll allow that. We in the U.S. can't even log into the official BBC SJS page ... :(

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

I think you're right about Rebecca, Steve! ;-)

Thanks again for your support. We do have some more SF coming your way. I hope I remember to tell everyone. It's another "last in the series" but we have time to read the first two if I just remember to tell everyone.