Monday, April 30, 2007

Family stuff break

Her Babyship has to visit the hospital tomorrow, on account of a dislocated hip and resultant wonky legs.

So I'm too distracted to post any of the various things I have swimming around in my head.

I'll be back when it's all over.


Mirtika said...

What? Dislocated hip? Dear, oh, dear.

God's healing blessings on her babyship. UPdate us when you can, ok?

Hugs to all,

UKSteve said...

Well, the x-ray machine scared the everliving cr@p out of her, but she sat still enough only to need to go through that once!

She'll need a week in traction, a simple operation and, provided that's successful, about 3 months in plaster. :O

Mirtika said...

A week in traction? Er...oh. That's going to be tough on everybody, I'm guessing.

And how is Papa holding up?

UKSteve said...

Better than I thought, actually. The fact that its all coming together quickly helps. I was dreading the plaster, but I think after a week on her back even a little bit of freedom will be nice for her.

As long as the planned operation does the job and she doesn't have to go back again for major surgery...

Elliot said...

Yikes! Sorry, I just saw this now. Good luck and God bless.

Mirtika said...

Time for another update, Stevie!!


UKSteve said...

Ah, bless ya Mir, you picked the right day to ask!

Her Babyship (or 'Naomi' to her friends) has always had bad skin: eczema, dermatitis from hospital sheets....

Now it seems that the skin where they taped her legs up has become badly damaged, and if by Monday it isn't up to spending 3 months under plaster, they won't be able to operate.

So, if you need to excercise those prayer muscles, we could still do with a few.

UKSteve said...

So, we're all back home now, Babyship in plaster and all. :)

So far, so good, although she hasn't quite adjusted to her new life and restricted mobility, and the stay in hospital has completely thrown her daily routine - bed at about ten and over two hours asleep during the day is not really ideal. And she hasn't got her appetite back yet.

Mirtika said...

THANKS for the update. I'm glad they were able to go along with the timetable...even if bebe is out of sorts.