Thursday, August 30, 2007

Big Kid post of the week.

So, I'm not going to ask why a grown man was going through a box of Lego the other day. Mainly because there's a box of my own been knocking around waiting to be put in the loft, and my building fingers have been getting itchy...

I was (am) a big Space Lego fan. The classic stuff - early-mid 80s was my period - although I have some of the original trilogy Star Wars stuff tucked away too. I have to agree with Elliot though, I suspect all these big money tie-ins have removed some of the play value, partly with the number of highly specialized bricks that can only serve a limited purpose, and partly because you don't need to invent your own characters and stories.

And just to prove you don't need all those special bricks, this was done long before Star Wars Lego was invented.

Anyway, I'm quite excited about Her Babyship turning 2 in a couple of weeks - that's officially old enough to play with Duplo! With appropriate adult supervision (ie me) of course. :)

In other news, the inexorable pull of facebook has started in this direction. Granted, it has already allowed me to catch up with an old friend before he got married and left the country, but from here it will probably either be abandoned (like the MySpace account I have lying dormant somewhere, having decided it wasn't going to sell any books) or sap every last spare second (and some that aren't spare) from my life.

Next week: something about science fiction and Christianity. Or possibly a Lego enactment of Countless as the Stars.


Elliot said...

Well, I moved recently, and therefore had to pull the big tupperware bin of Lego out of the basement, and then I had to play with it a bit to see if it was still fun and worth keeping.

UKSteve said...

Yes, mine too. That's right.


Princess Dieter aka Mir said...
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Mirtika said...

Is her babyship all back to spiffy normality?

And that was cool about the Cars from Mars reunion. :)

I just wish we'd get the new shows here. :(


UKSteve said...

Just got back from hospital with Her Babyship actually. She's been out of plaster for 3 weeks or so, but still strapped up most of the time so the hip stays in position.