Monday, October 15, 2007

Miss, I wannabe a Marcher Lord!

Ah, to be a careers adviser in the 13th Century, when there was no more noble calling than to defend England's borders against the Welsh.

Of course, things have moved on a bit since then, and nowadays Marcher Lords are out on the borderlands of fiction, setting up an outpost for Christian speculative fiction. Or, as Jeff Gerke puts it, 'weird' Christian fiction.

Weird Christian fiction eh? Now that's an idea I can relate to. So I - and I'm sure, many visitors to this blog (many? Do I even have many visitors?) - will be watching Marcher Lord Press over the next 12 months. I may well become a regular customer. If I put my mind to it and write something good (and weird!), who knows, there may even be an outside chance of becoming a MLP author (well, it's a more realistic ambition than becoming the next Iain Banks, isn't it?)

Personal ambitions aside, I wish MLP the best of luck, and look forward to some quality Christian weirdness next Christmas.

Oh, and I really should go check out his forums & collaborative fiction site some time.


Mirtika said...

Do you look good in tights and tunics, not to mention chain mail?


Jefferson Scott said...

Thanks for your great mention of Marcher Lord Press, Steve.

I invite you and your readers to come to and sign up to win one of the amazing prizes we'll be giving away at the launch event next October.

And every time someone signs up and mentions you as the referrer, your name gets entered into the drawing yet again!

So come on over and check it out, and spread the news far and wide to increase your chances of winning.

Jeff Gerke
Marcher Lord Press