Thursday, November 01, 2007

Phursday Photos: Tintern Abbey

If there's not a ruined castle nearby, an Abbey that Henry VIII got his hands on will do. This one is in the Welsh borderlands.Don't you love that archy goodness?


Mirtika said...

I do! I do love the archy goodness. I have an arch-fetish! I want to live in a house with arches! Basically, I want an old monastery all to myself (and some devoted, maybe even Brit, pals can visit). :)

Is this where the Omen III finale took place? Looks familiar.


UKSteve said...

According to wikipedia it was the setting for an Iron Maiden video. Mayeb that's where you remember it from, rock chick that you are... ;)

Mirtika said...

Mebbe. :)

Here's the place for Omen III: the ruins of Fountains Abbey--