Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Tunes: Pimp My Chips

We interrupt this weeks blog tour for something completely different...

I guess this may have a slightly limited appeal among my usual readership (and those innocent passers-by on the blog tour), but I recently stumbled across what can only be described as, um, 11 pop songs performed on the sound chip from a ZX Spectrum. Obviously I have no excuse for mentioning it here other than that as a Spec-chum of yore I think it's brilliant. Check out Pimp My Chips here.

Sci-Fi Song of the Week

Among the songs covered on Pimp My Chips is a little tune by Radiohead going by the name of Paranoid Android. And it turns out the coder (Matt Westcott) has made the Spectrum version available as a downloadable mp3. Yay him!

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