Wednesday, July 23, 2008


OK, so the CSFF Blog Tour this month rolls back to Dragon territory and the conclusion of Donita K Paul's DragonKeeper Chronicles, DragonLight.

Most of the tour blogs on the list I posted on Monday (c'mon, you can scroll that far!) have posted something by now; for a more complete list of who's done what and how, check out Becky or Nissa's handy lists.

My recommended stops are Jason Joyner, who discusses the appropriateness (or otherwise) of dragons in Christian literature; Steve Rice, who starts with a humourous review and then goes off debating the appropriateness (or otherwise) of telepathy in Christian literature (that's a subject I may revisit, unfortunately I haven't had time to chip in on the debate yet); and Snuffles the Dragon, just to get the Dragon's eye view of things.

And when you're finished there, the author also has a blog, if you haven't read enough blogs about dragons.

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Well, I went and blew it by leaving Valerie and Katie out when they were also part of that original book tour. Here I was trying to do a nice thing and draw attention to the members who got in on the ground floor.

Fun posts as usual, Steve. You've highlighted some of the best. I'd add John Otte to the list and maybe one or two others. Some excellent, thought-provoking content. And of course there is the humor. Deej over at SFCatholic is trying to give you a run for your money! ;-)