Saturday, November 15, 2008


Well, there's been a lot of slow days, and some non-existent days, for one reason or another, but today I think I had got myself back in the game. I have some good writing time in the week ahead, and I have readjusted my targets so I can make good use of it.

And today, thanks in no small part to the Kamikaze mode on Write or Die, my word count is almost back in the realms of respectability. I may also have copied and pasted a few paras from BibleGateway, because I am writing an Old Testament Space Opera, after all.

It is, of course, nothing like I had planned, extremely predictable, and basically a bit rubbish, but I've got past caring. I have worked out that I can write a fairly decent 7-800 words in an evening after Her Babyship leaves me alone. If I can keep that up after NaNo, I should have a first draft of Project Seven knocked up by spring!


Anonymous said...

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UKSteve said...

Thanks anonymous (or can I call you Bill?)

I'll pop by just as soon as I've verified my online banking details and got back to my new Nigerian pen pal.