Tuesday, November 24, 2009


The 30,000 word mark passed today. That means I'm only 6 days behind. Hmmmm.

On top of which, I had to reboot the whole novel at the weekend when it suddenly occurred to me who my characters should have been all along, how they met, and why they would, in the revision process, become funny. Obviously one of them is a character who, for reasons as yet unexplained, believes that the entire universe has been created by a supreme being known mysteriously as 'The Author', who, for reasons ineffable, has to make the important sections of the life of his creation tellable in tales of at least 50,000 words, and this slightly eccentric belief causes him, on occasion, to break the fourth wall or speak in unnecessarily long and complicated sentences, not unlike the writing style this blog entry has adopted. You know you're a NaNite when your blog posts are twice as long as they need to be...

And speaking of unnecessarily long things, I managed to force a single sentence up to 100 words today, for no other reason than that of word count. The entire sentence is unnecessary, as are the ones either side of it, so enjoy it here, it won't make the revisions:
I mean, eight years ferrying incontinent old fools to and from the seaside, a semi competent restoration at the end of it, augmented by some heavy pimping and the addition of more 1980s computer hardware than Knight Rider would have been enough for even the hardiest product of the Rootes Group and its successors, but this poor example, not only had it been nick named, rather ruthlessly, The Ambivalence (a humourous reference to its prior calling in life), but it had then been thrown unwillingly into some kind of parallel dimension, not to mention twenty five years back in time.
NaNoWriMo: a license to write really, really badly.

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