Monday, March 15, 2010

Reading, writing, etc for 2010

So, assuming this here blog takes off again, we are at least going to have a few reviews in due course; currently in the holding pattern are most of the sci-fi books featured in the CSFF Blog Tour over the last year or so, among others - these might take a while to filter through the system though, as at my current pace I have enough of Neal Stephenson's Anathem to keep me going until some time in May. Thereafter, in no particular order, my reading list consists of:

Also, when my Sky+ box stops being full of Lost, Fringe, Heroes, Sanctuary, Stargate Universe, Caprica and (soon) Doctor Who, the Red Dwarf Bodysnatcher collection is waiting for a few nights when the DVD player is feeling co-operative.

As far as writing goes, well, I have a few interesting short story ideas to play with, and then I think I'm going to adopt the NaNoWriMo approach for my next big project, as that at least seems to get things finished for me. No time limit, no wordage goals, but the same gung-ho approach to writing, just dive in, and keep going forwards, no looking back, and absolutely no editing until a climax of sorts is on the page. Again, no particular order, but I'll probably start on one of my existing works in progress:
  1. A cyberspace allegory, shelved because it seemed a bit cheesy, and extremely derivative as soon as The Matrix arrived;
  2. An epic time travel story reaching back to Christ's life on Earth. If I have an 'opus magnum', I guess this would be it;
  3. An alternate history of WW2, currently waiting until either (a) I come up with an unusual enough angle, or (b) I become famous enough ;) for this to stand out among the countless books already written in this genre/time period;
  4. I have always wondered what happened after the end of The Italian Job (the real one, you know, the one in Italy) and have toyed with a novelisation of the movie and/or a sequel (not a remake, or an homage, or the flippin' Brazilian Job);
  5. The repeatedly delayed non-sf 'Project Seven'
And alongside these I might find time to cut the excess wordage from my two completed Nanos, Children of the Stars (2008), the sequel to Countless as the Stars; and DragonQuest (2009), one of several comic fantasies that have at least been started.

Um, do I actually have time to blog?

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