Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CSFF Blog Tour vs Tuesday Tunes

Yes, two in a row, that makes me look a total slacker doesn't it! But it's not as bad as it looks, this is kind of a bonus tour as the tour timescale went a bit off earlier in the year.

Anyway, enough excuses: This week the CSFF Blog Tour is looking at Raven's Ladder by Jeffrey Overstreet, so without any further time wasting, put on your best DJ voice and dive into the Top Ten Raven songs...

10. DJ Pavo: Raven
It's the track the spotty oik down the road always plays too loud as he drives home at 3 in the morning.
9. Lou Reed: The Raven
Normally Mr Reed would rank higher, but this barely qualifies as a song, being more a recitation of Edgar Allen Poe with a little Lou Reed magic. And be warned, it goes on for about 10 minutes...
8. The Stranglers: The Raven
Nordic-inspired post-punk goodness.
7. Dan Fogelberg: As The Raven Flies
Sounds a bit Jefferson Airplane-esque to these ears...
6. The Alan Parsons Project: The Raven
Edgar Allen gets the full mid-70s prog-rock treatment here!
5. Runestone: The Raven And The Moon
Because every top ten needs at least eight minutes of weird New Age Celtic instrumental. Doesn't it?
4. Marion Raven: Here I Am
Norwegian pop-rock with a girl vocal, it's always good...
3. The Orb: Raven's Reprise
At least this week's obligatory (should that be Orbligatory?) piece of electronica comes from someone you've heard of.
2. The Tunnel Singer: Corvus
Ok, so maybe I'm being unusually clever with the title, but seriously, I love this music! This may be writing music, possibly even a soundtrack number for a future story...
1. The Alarm: The Day The Ravens Left The Tower
Should I be concerned about a Welsh alt rock band singing about the collapse of the kingdom? (This will be English mythology then! Hurrah!)

I'll linkify it later (maybe), in the meantime Spotify users can listen here: Raven Top Ten.
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