Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fezzes are cool

Bow ties are cool.
Cliffhangers are cool.
Time travel is cool.
Stone daleks - very cool.
River Song is an enigma, and they're quite cool.
Feisty redheads are cool.
Plastic centurion Rory is cool.
Marrying a plastic centurion may not be so cool.
Giving your life to save the universe is way cool.
Being brought back to life by one person's belief is even cooler.
Coming back just in time for a party is practically sub-zero.
The finale of Doctor Who season five was, therefore, very cool.
The whole season, in fact, was pretty cool.
Matt Smith's Doctor is cool. Funny in a geeky Patrick Troughtony way. And that's way cool.

Having time to rewrite this post to fit King Missile's 'Jesus Was Way Cool' is too cool for me. So you can have it as it comes.


Peter Stone said...

I haven't seen any of Dr Who Season 5 yet, don't think it has even hit Australian TV :(
Stone daleks does sound very cool!

UKSteve said...

I don't think there were any hideous spoilers in that post...

Thanks for stopping by :)