Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CSFF Blog Tour: Countless as the Stars

Ok, that's enough beating about the bush! I hear you cry. Tell us about the book already!

Well some of you will already have ventured over to, and despite the persistent 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION' notices (the website building fairies are very busy this time of year, apparently) found out a little about Countless as the Stars. But for those not brave enough to do so, or just ambling on to this blog for the first time today, here's a little intro, and a bit more detail for those who visited the site and were curious.

First of all, Old Testament Space Opera. Basically, it's the Old Testament, re-told in a Space Opera-style setting (that's kind of Star Wars-esque, for the uninitiated). For a more detailed explanation of the idea click here.

Countless as the Stars is the first Old Testament Space Opera, and starts on Tellus, a world blighted by war and pollution, barely able to support it's dwindling population. Into this world the Eight Nations Space Agency introduces Litah, proclaiming it mankind's last hope for survival, promising a better life among the stars.

Our hero, Aidan Qqayle, a prominent follower of the Creed, has sworn to oppose this project, which puts technology in the place of God. But when Aidan receives his true calling, he is forced to re-evaluate his beliefs...

The story follows his adventure from Tellus into the unknown, where he is confronted with his own past, and the future of mankind. Epic space battles, the exploration of new worlds, personal trials, it's all here....

The Biblical tales are followed quite closely - the Tower of Babel, the accounts of Lot and Abraham, and shades of Moses - with embellishments to suit the sci-fi genre. It is my hope that by following the source material the story can shed some light on the nature of God, or at least some aspects of it, and that the embellishments will serve to keep the interest of those familiar with the overall story arc.

Slight warning: the story does contain sex, drugs and violence, but only in the context in which they appear in the Old Testament. Apparently their was enough to upset the old dear who runs our local Christian book shop, but not enough to create a publicity boosting backlash. *sigh*

Is that enough to whet your appetite? Well don't worry if it isn't, you can still go off and read the first chapter. Done that? Well here's the important part then: CSFF Blog Tour participants and visitors can get a copy for cheap! By which I mean £4.99 in the UK or £7.49 overseas (I think that's about US$11, including postage. Bargain eh?).

Of course, if you want to support this struggling author, feel free to order at full price, buy multiple copies, give one to your publisher or agent.... and of course tell the rest of the tour how good it is!

Oh yes, and having a copy of the book will also allow you to read the first draft of the sequel, which was written as my 2008 NaNoWriMo project (those of you that have attempted NaNo will know what to expect!).

I'll keep the offer open until the next CSFF Blog Tour.

Once you've taken advantage of my extraordinary generosity, all that remains is to send you on your way...
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