Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CSFF Blog Tour vs Tuesday Tunes

Imagine my surprise when I realised, having visited a few sites on the CSFF Blog Tour, that Venom and Song actually has nothing to do with Spiderman's nemesis or Doctor Who's mum, but is in fact the sequel to Curse of the Spider King by Christopher Hopper and Wayne Thomas Batson.

So with that in mind, and while I go off and hurriedly re-write tomorrow's in-depth study of the enigmatic River Song, allow me to cop out and reprise the Top Ten Spider Songs from last time we toured Batman and Hopper. Batson, sorry.

10. Barenaked Ladies: Spider In My Room
Ah, obscure album tracks. Where would we be without them? Looking at the top five spider songs, probably...

9. The Mission: Spider And The Fly
It wouldn't be a Spidery Top Ten without some nice goth rock now, would it?

8. Hawkwind: Web Weaver
I may have mentioned before that I like Hawkwind's brand of psychadelic space rock. This is from the brilliantly titled album Hall of the Mountain Grill.
7. Cylob: Spider Report
Time for a change of pace, and today's dose of electronica, which has R2-D2 on guest vocals. Probably.

6. The Who: Boris The Spider
Apparently this as Jimi Hendrix's favourite Who song. It must be true, it's on the internet.
5. Alice Cooper: I am the Spider
He's not The Spider, he's a very naughty boy.

4. David Bowie: Glass Spider
WARNING: Contains extreme weirdness.

3. Mogwai: Black Spider
Mmmmm, mellow. It's from a film about a French footballer you know.

2. Brian Eno: Spider And I
See last weeks Tuesday Tunes.

1. Primal Scream: Insect Royalty
OK, I know spiders aren't insects, but the extra two legs make them like royalty to all the ants and such. But it was too close not to top the charts, especially as the album, XTRMNTR, is one of the Scream's best efforts.

My reading list for the next 24 hours:
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And if you made it this far, let me remind you again that the CSFFBT special offer price for Countless as the Stars will be available for just a few more days. Buy now for Christmas!

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WayneThomasBatson said...

Don't forget Itsy Bitsy Spider...