Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pre-NaNo to-do list

Aaaargh, only a few days to go and so much still to do!
  1. Get the day job up to date. Actually I'm in pretty good shape with this, although November is looking busy at the moment. :(
  2. Get ahead with the NVQ. Tomorrow afternoon is set aside for this one.
  3. Get the house clean enough to last a month. I'm going to have to class that one as 'desirable', I think.
  4. Draft some bloggy goodness. There must be at least one CSFF blog tour during NaNo, right? Other than that I guess it will be random NaNo ponderings.
  5. Help the in-laws move house. Or at least help them clear out some stuff. Including a cooker. To our house. Hmmmm.
  6. Oh yes, and I suppose I should have some idea what on Earth I'm going to write come Monday.
  7. And if I was more technically-minded I would fix the 'o' key on this laptop...

1 comment:

UKSteve said...

8. Stock up on caffeine. How could I have forgotten that?