Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CSFF Blog Tour vs Tuesday Tunes

It occurs to me now that I haven't actually done a Tuesday Tunes outside the Blog Tour in months, so this whole concept has become sort of anachronistic... Still, why stop now just because it's completely irrelevant?

So here it is, miraculously brought back from the dead - no, not the Top Ten Duran Duran songs, it's the Top Ten Resurrection songs:

10. Alison Moyet: Love Resurrection
Well that's at least one positive review for Mike Duran this week! Thankyouverymuch, I'm here all week ;)

9. Misfits: Resurrection
Throwing taste out of the window here, with a short sharp burst of '90s horror punk.

8. Arrested Development: Resurrection - Man's Final Frontier
That's better, the laid back positive hip-hop stylings of Speech and the crew.

7. Nekromantix: Nice Day For A Resurrection
Danish psychobilly. I can pretty much guarantee this will be the first post on the tour to put those words in the same sentence.

6. The Cult: Resurrection Joe
I coiuld have picked any number of Scandinavian Death Metal songs called Resurrection, but the official 'metal' entry this week comes from '80s goth rockers The Cult.

5. Mann Friday: Resurrection
I have no idea who Mann Friday is/are/were/was; they're too obscure for amazon, but this song popped up on Spotify and I liked it, so in it went.

4. Apocalyptica: Resurrection
It's like rock music, with cellos. We're nothing if not eclectic here.

3. Tapefly: The Resurrection
I Spotified some real oddities this week... but moments of lo-fi indie greatness like this make the whole Duran Duran idea seem even more ridiculous...

2. Delerium: Resurrection
Because every Top Ten needs at least 7 minutes of quality electronica. Here you get 9 minutes and 26 seconds.

1. The Stone Roses: I Am The Resurrection
Controversial choice? Maybe, but any excuse to cram in 8 minutes of one of the great indie anthems of my mis-spent youth.

Here they are on Spotify.

All of which musical frivolity is, of course, because a bunch of bloggers have just read The Resurrection by Mike Duran. So if you want to find out something about the actual book, click on one of these at random:
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Rachel said...

Great list! I loved The Stone Roses in high school...awe, memories...