Monday, April 18, 2011

CSFF Blog Tour - The Strange Man, Day One

It is an important yet often overlooked fact that just a year ago, the strange and nebulous concept of the fantasy spectrum was introduced to this tour. I really should have got around to illustrating this concept in the last twelve months, but as you can probably tell by my somewhat sporadic blogging pattern (I use the word 'pattern' in its vaguest sense), I am not made of time.

Anyway, it is that time of the month again, so, having reverted to type and not done the homework, I figure I'll get the Spectrum out and dust it off. And then after a few rounds of Manic Miner*, write a blog post. Our subject this week is supernatural suspense novel The Strange Man by Greg Mitchell. So, without further ado, to the Blurb!
Dras Weldon lives in a world of horror movies and comic books. Twenty-two and unemployed, he is content to hide in the shadow of adolescence with a faith that he professes but rarely puts into action.

But when a demonic stranger arrives and begins threatening his friends, Dras is drawn into a battle that forces him to choose which side he is on. In a race against the clock, he must not only fight these evil forces but also somehow convince his best friend, Rosalyn, to join him--before she is lost forever.

Engaging and darkly humorous, The Strange Man is the first act of a trilogy that depicts a world where monsters are real and simple men and women must overcome their doubts and fears in order to stand against the unspeakable creatures of the night.
I was unemployed for while when I was 22. Don't remember anything like that happening to me. I guess I didn't read enough comic books.

Anyway: monsters and demons, comic books and dark humour... doesn't sound too bad really. This would probably sit nicely in the warm reds and oranges of horror and urban fantasy. But of course, you will want a less vague opinion of the actual book, so why not lurk, strangely, at some of these blogs:

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*Completely out of context retro gaming pun. Don't feel bad if you didn't get it.


교인애 Inae Kyo said...

'that time of the month again'--- gee, didn't know you were a werewolf!

I really enjoyed reading 'The Strange Man', though, thought it was very like some of my favorite Stephen King books.

UKSteve said...

If there is such a thing as a wereblogger, I'm probably one of those :)

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Great intro, Steve--one of your best "long distance, I haven't done my homework" ones, I think. And your Tuesday Tunes are a continual hit. How do you find those songs!