Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Tunes: The Return of the Sci-fi Song Of The Week!

Apparently, so my Great Uncle Wikipedia informs me, it's one of the blokes out of Run DMC's 47th birthday today. And because I've been writing about ghosts lately, it seems only logical to mash the two together, zap them with a little sci-fi magic (without crossing the streamers, mind), and see what turns up to reintroduce the Sci-fi Song Of The Week.

I always thought Ghostbusters II was a poor relation to the original; the walking Statue of Liberty tries to top Mr Staypuft, but just comes across as silly. And I can remember several fun one-liners from the original movie, but from the sequel I get stuck after the 'Do' 'Ray' Egon' moment, which was probably the comedy highpoint of the film. Or maybe I've just watched the original a lot more than the sequel.

No, actually, I'm pretty sure GBII was rubbish. Still, gotta love the wacky pop-rap cover version of the theme, eh?

Oh yes, and happy birthday DMC :)

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