Monday, January 09, 2012

Daily Mail Despair of the Week

Apparently, Peppa Pig is a bad influence on children. According to the Daily Mail:
One father spoke of his despair at how his four-year-old son had taken to splashing in what he gleefully called ‘muddy puddles’ on his way to school - copying Peppa's favourite pastime.
I wish I lived in a world where that was the biggest problem facing society. Kids are being forced to grow up too quickly anyway these days, without causing despair or having their favourite TV characters banned for, um, being children!

Let's get a few things straight to start with:
  1. Peppa always puts her wellies on before jumping up and down in those muddy puddles (don't get me started on the fact that she's a pig)
  2. Puddle jumping is often enjoyed as a fun activity for the whole family. Heaven forbid.
  3. Out in the fresh air, no less. 
  4. George may ask for chocolate cake for breakfast, but to my knowledge he never gets it. 
  5. One episode even gives a handy tutorial in making salad more appealing to kids by forming it into the shape of a dinosaur. 
  6. I've given this far too much thought haven't I? 
  7. Peppa is a pig. 
Maybe I have given this too much thought, but seriously? A kid jumps in a puddle or asks for chocolate instead of broccoli and all you can do is lash out at a cartoon pig?

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying we should let our kids have chocolate cake for breakfast, but experience tells me that if we don't let our children have small amounts of chocolate cake under close supervision, they will end up binge-eating it down the park with those unruly kids from the next street. 

And it never stops with chocolate cake. Oh no, it will soon progress to Mississippi Mud Pie and Black Forest Gateaux, and before you know it they'll be hopped up on a cocktail of banoffee pie and treacle sponge, indulging in wild, cake-fuelled orgies of unashamed muddy puddle-jumping.

Surely we, as parents, have a duty to educate our children, to show them that things like cake - and cartoons - can be highly enjoyable, in the right context. 

I mean come on, everyone loves jumping up and down in muddy puddles! 

Enjoy Peppa Pig responsibly 
For the facts about excessive cake consumption visit 
If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this article... meh.


Lexia257 said...

Absolutely !
I heard a few comments on the radio about this yesterday and was about to write a blog on it - but you beat me to it !
I understand that it's Mumsnet that's been making the real song and dance about Peppa - a site that I don't go on - but we love all Peppa Pig here, that's grandchildren ranging from 2 to 11 and the grandparents too. A walk without muddy puddles wouldn't be a proper walk and when they turn to ice, ever better !

Anonymous said...

From what I read y'day on Mumsnet, it seemed to me most people on Mumsnet are laughing at the original posting.

Not all mums share the same narrow point of view when it comes to letting your kids have fun.


Dougie Brimson said...

Nice blog!

If the women who infest mumsnet spent the time they are wasting worrying about Peppa actually doing something with their own kids, their lives might be a bit richer!

Their kids would certainly be happier!!

Nothing wrong with muddy puddles anyway!!

UKSteve said...

Sorry for stealing your thunder Lexia!

I actually wondered if the original complaint was made as a joke, it's the fact the newspapers took it seriously and ran with it that boggles my mind...

Anyway, thanks all for stopping by and commenting :)