Thursday, March 23, 2006

Essential reading

Well, just in case anyone else decides to follow my suggestions for Christian science fiction, I've added the amazon links for those that crop up and which are, in this blogger's opinion, essential reading in the Christian sf genre. Eventually I will get round to reviewing them properly, but that might take some time as it will involve a re-read in many cases.

I will be adding to the list steadily, in the meantime, please feel free to recommend anything I might have missed.


Stuart said...

Howdy Steve,

Just found this blog. Some good entries so far. And howdy from another Sci-fi fan/writer. :)

The Empyerion Duology and Dream Theif are two books I really enjoyed back in high school.

Along with The Wandering (i think) and Dwellers by Roger Elwood. Both are out of print though I think.

fredösphere said...

I really enjoyed The Mote in God's Eye because it (reasonably) assumed Christianity would continue to be a major influence in human society in the next few centuries. It posits a galactic empire with Christianity the state religion. (The church seems Orthodox, having bishops, but no pope ever mentioned.) Every character in the book takes the Church as a given; none but cultists are outspoken either in faith or skepticism.

The book also covers the alien "problem" for Christianity. When aliens are approached, a priest is naturally selected to join the expedition. The book briefly discusses the question of alien souls, and the nature of alien redemption (assuming its needed). I was relieved to discover I wasn't the only person in the world wondering about such things.

UKSteve said...

Thanks for the recommendations...

I've read some of Larry Niven's stuff, so I'll definitely check out The Mote in God's Eye, and keep an eye out at the library for those out of print Elwoods.

Keep 'em coming...

Elliot said...

The religious influence in 'Mote' comes from Jerry Pournelle, who's a conservative Catholic. The other author, Larry Niven's an atheist, I think.

Well, I'll be recommending tons more Christian sf/fantasy books on my blog as time goes on. Just out of curiosity, which books/authors DIDN'T you know about from my most recent post?