Friday, September 22, 2006

Doctor Who and the Spin-off invasion

First there was a K-9 spin-off - in about 1981, originally - but the latest K-9 Adventures seem to have gone very quiet just lately. (Probably because no-one recognised the tin dog.)

Then there was Billie Piper: Earth Defence, which died a death when Billie didn't want to do it. Duh!

Now, Sarah Jane Smith (who was also in the original K-9 spin-off, of course) is going to battle evil with a 13-year-old neighbour for CBBC.

But most importantly, coming very soon (to me, at least :p ) is Torchwood, a proper grown-up spin-off, which sounds a bit like the X-Files filmed in Wales.

And in other news, Buffy Season 8 is set to arrive in March. Hooray! Er, but only in comic book form. Hooray, sort of.

Until then, it's endless Doctor Who reruns and Angel on DVD for me...


Elliot said...

You could go outside instead... Watch the stars... jog...

or maybe rent "Donnie Darko."

Mirtika said...

Oooooh, I gotta get me the Buffy comics. I have FRAY, but I want to know what happened to my fave slayer post series end (other than going out with the Immortal dude).

And Angel reruns work for me. :)

Torchwood. Hmmm..maybe. It'll probably be a while getting to the states, huh?

They really need to put M. Macfadyen in something. I like his voice.