Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Two sides to every story

OK, so, I've been rummaging through Edenstar's virtual box of books, and - hooray! - found that Christian SF is not quite the non-entity it sometimes seems (as Stuart so rightly pointed out yesterday).

In the space of a few minutes I have found time travel, alternate history, space travel, a cyber-thriller-type-thing and what almost looks like a space opera... who'da thunk it? At that was just a scratch of the surface, a few random picks I may not otherwise have come across. There is also plenty more that I have heard of, but have yet to read; and a wider selection of stuff by some authors I am aware of - I really must check out Bill Myers, for instance.

So, you may well ask, where is the downside to all this fabulous Christian sf?

I would have thought that was obvious. Turns out all my most original ideas have already been done!

Continue your tour here:
Jim Black Jackie Castle Valerie Comer Bryan Davis Beth Goddard Leathel Grody Karen Hancock Elliot Hanowski Katie Hart Sherrie Hibbs Sharon Hinck Joleen Howell Jason Joyner Tina Kulesa Kevin Lucia Rachel Marks Shannon McNear Rebecca LuElla Miller Cheryl Russel Mirtika Schultz Stuart Stockton Speculative Faith

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Hahah--that's the way of life, isn't it, Steve. But that's true in any genre. All stories have been written before. The key is to make yours have a fresh, original something that makes the old story new again.

Great post.