Tuesday, October 17, 2006

miscellaneous bloggery 7

Yes I know. I'm copping out more frequently than I'm writing proper entries. So sue me.

But to stay remotely on topic, I like these, pointed out by Elliot recently. They just sent my little writer's mind into a bit of an idea-frenzy... maybe something new might be on the NaNo cards yet?

In the open space has some thoughts on another TV sf show that hasn't made it into my life yet, Battlestar Galactica.

If you haven't wandered over to The Lost Genre Guild yet, here's the link. (There I go, diverting my readers to somewhere that does this Christian sf comment thing so much better than me...)

And for a smile, Mir suggests The Town Drunk, and having just briefly perused a couple of stories, I have to agree. If I can knock up a faintly amusing Christmas story in the next two weeks, look out for me there in a couple of months... don't hold your breath though.

Maybe I should start a little series of Hitchhikers or Red Dwarf posts. I also might nick Becky's idea and explore the many sub-genres within science fiction (which I kind of started way back when, before I started running out of time to blog properly...)


Mirtika said...


And where's the review of Patron Saint? :D

The Noodge

Mirtika said...

Non-SF: I finally got a Robson Green fix. BBC-American showed the first of a new (to us) WIRED IN THE BLOOD. Really icky killings. And, at first, I thought they would have a balanced religion thing--some good guys, some bad--but no. The "believers" were all freaks. How disappointing and cliche. And such an opportunity to break the mold of "religion makes you violent and stupid" in genre. I like the new "Guv" a lot. And I still love me Robson's funky-voiced, short self.


Elliot said...

Well, you know us religious folks... fanatical to the point of murder... prone to sudden rages...

Mirtika said...

Elliot, stop inciting me to a murderous rage. I haven't cleaned my 97 handguns today, and I really don't want to mess up my new sabre.


Mirtika said...

Um..I don't really have 97 handguns or a sabre.

I do have a lot of knives and a hatchet. :D