Wednesday, November 01, 2006

...and Angels

CSSF Blog Tour

What first came to mind for "angels" is the moment when Kosh reveals himself to save Sheridan, and he looks like an angelic being. But that's only because Mir jumped the gun yesterday. Nice to get a Bab5 reference occasionally though.

Anyway, Angels. Messengers of an almighty God, purveyors of Providence, proof of the unprovable, denizens of a supernatural spiritual reality. So goes the DKA blurb for them, anyway. And in Christian fiction you can put them anywhere (well, within reason). I've got them in Countless as the Stars.

Spiritual warfare made real was pretty much the mainstay of Christian spec-fic a few years ago thanks to Frank Peretti, and still crops up here and there, if usually in a smaller, less in your face way.

I've seen sf stories that take the Nephilim as their inspiration - would those 'sons of God' who paired off with the daughters of men have been angels? Or aliens? Are angels aliens? Are aliens angels?

Oh, my heads spinning with wacky ideas again. And that's before we even mention fallen angels. Is it NaNo time yet?

But as far as science fiction and angels go, I reckon the Simpsons had the start of a good story.

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Matthew Celestine said...

I think the UFO phenomenan is probably connected to the activity of fallen angels.

I also think the idea of Extraterrestrials may be preparing people for the day when Satan's angels are cast down to earth, as prophesied in Revelation 12.

God Bless