Friday, March 23, 2007

This week, I 'ave been mostly watchin....

The last episode of Primeval, which was, in fact, something of a return to the show's potential. It's unfortunate that it had a mid-season slump (which, with only 6 episodes made, took out half the series), and the dodo episode wandered off down a sub-plot that really should have been resolved, or at least not subsequently forgotten about.

But a lion-eating monster from the future sort of makes up for all that, and leaves me with some hope that season 2 might be a bit less along the lines of 'A prehistoric creature appears somewhere in the Home Counties. Cutter and the crew go and investigate. Someone gets hurt. Connor fails to get off with her out of S Club. Mrs Cutter appears mysteriously and does something annoying. Her out of S Club wanders around in her pants for a bit. The Home Office people blither about and get in the way. The prehistoric monster goes away again.'

You have to wonder where some of the ideas have come from though. I mean Helen Cutter has been mucking about in the Paleozoic for eight years without anyone noticing, then the Home Office get involved and within six weeks there's a paradox so big it threatens to destroy the galaxy*. Where did they come up with that?

Life on Mars, which reached a new height of surreal genius with the Camberwick Green business. I can't help wondering how many takes it needed for John Simm to get that line out with a straight face: "I can just about handle you, driving like a pissed up crackhead and treating women like beanbags. But I'm going to say this once, and once only, Gene. Stay out of Camberwick Green!" Genius.

And finally: Doctor Who trailers. It must be time to start jumping up and down like an over-excited 10-year-old again....

*Possibly. That would, of course, be the cliffhanger that keeps us tuning in for season two.

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