Monday, July 02, 2007

Doctor Who - Season 29

It hardly seems like 13 weeks since I was saying how slightly disappointing the season opener was, but I was expecting the series to get better. And to say 'it got better' would be a huge understatement.

Since I know there are going to be those visiting who won't have seen the latest Doctor Who yet, I will try to whet your appetite without spoiling it.

But first let's just say it wasn't all good. As I said, the opener, 'Smith and Jones', was a bit silly; the Dalek episodes completely lost the plot, and even the largely excellent finale went a bit wierd at one point.

The second half of the series, however, was as good as Doctor Who has ever been. The episode '42' turned out not to be about the ultimate answer, but rather a play on '24'. An interesting twist on the format, rather than the best Who ever.

Following that the double-header from 1913, considered by many pundits one of the series' all time high points. 'Blink' was, well, blinkin' scary. And after that, the three-part story arc leading to the climax.

Actually, the story arc is woven right through the series, quite subtly to begin with, until the (otherwise fairly unremarkable) episode 'Utopia' brings them all together and kickstarts the finale.

The final episode even brings in big spiritual themes of forgiveness, and the power of prayer, albeit briefly. If you've seen it, and fancy getting a lesson on evangelism from it, check this out. (Unfortunately it will spoil the ending if you haven't seen it.)

Captain Jack comes back too, to share a few unexpected lines with the new Doc and his new companion, and we get to find out how he got the immortal gig before joining Torchwood.

And John 'DI Tyler' Simm (did I ever mention I've met him?) was an inspired piece of casting.

All in all, Season 29 (or series three, if you prefer) contained some of the best individual Who episodes yet, the most coherent (if subtle) story arc so far, some nice nods back to the Baker years (for those that remember), and a brilliant climax with plenty of neat twists and little surprises.

Christmas special should be interesting, too!

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Nick Payne said...

Hey thanks for the link and your kind comment.

I don't know if you caught them, but I have also covered the other episodes you have mentioned (Human Nature, The Family of Blood, Blink) and also Gridlock. I think I've tagged all my reviews and meditations on the series under "Doctor Who", so if you have the time and inclination you might want to check them. I think my first was "Father's Day" which was my surprise favourite from the Eccleston season.

God bless and kind regards