Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Fearless Blog tour highlights

CSSF Blog Tour

I have to admit that I have been ignoring the many reviews posted over the last couple of days, because, having recently finished Relentless, I know what to expect from Fearless, and don't want to spoil what is yet to come.

So here, instead, are a few of the non-review posts that, if you haven't read so far, you might like to:

Christopher Hopper describes almost meeting Robin;

Gene Curtis discusses book trailers, a promotional device used in the marketing of Fearless;

Hanna Sandvig asks What makes Christian fiction Christian? and promises to critique the cover art today;

Jason Joyner talks superheroes;

Jackie Castle looks at Infuze Magazine;

and Beth Goddard has a big interview with the author.

A full list of participating blogs can be found in yesterdays post.

Finally, don't forget Robin's own blog, website and of course to buy Fearless!


Daniel I Weaver said...

My review doesn't give anything away. I don't like to give the plots away in reviews. But I enjoyed how you highlighted sites you've visisted.

God Bless,

Jason said...

I also try to give a synopsis that can attract people without giving away plot points (harder to do further into a series).

Thanks for the specific link. Always good to have our Brit chime in with the tour. Take care.

Matthew Celestine said...

Hey, thanks for linking to my blog.

UKSteve said...

Hey, thanks for writing interesting things!