Monday, October 22, 2007

Bark of the Blog Owl

CSSF Blog Tour

I'm back in familiar territory for this month's blog tour, bluffing my through having never picked up the book in question (which, for the interested among you, is called Bark of the Bog Owl, and is part one of the Wilderking trilogy by Jonathan Rogers.

I won't bore you with a stock synopsis, you can find that on the book's website, or browse through my tourmates' blogs for a proper review. Suffice to say, it's a fantasy novel, and the protagonist is 12 years old - that should be enough to know whether you want to read it or not.

I do have one question though: Why are the heroes of CSF novels all called Aidan? Wilderking's hero is called Aidan Errolson, The Door Within's hero is called Aiden Thomas, and the hero of Countless as the Stars is Aidan Qqayle... Coincidence? Or bizarre subliminal messaging?

Check out these blogs for the answers to none of these questions...

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

I tend to think there is something subliminal at work!

Over at All About Children's Books there was a contest some time ago connected to The Bark of the Bog Owl and guess who won. Yep, a boy named Aiden. Hmmmm!



Valerie Comer said...

So, what are you saying here, Steve? Should I change the name of my main character? But Aiden is so coooooool. Okay, kidding, he isn't Aiden.

I'd noticed the multiple Aidens too, at least Rogers' and Batson's. And they're both 12 years old. Must have been something in the air thirteen years ago...

UKSteve said...

Well, my Aidan's a lot older than that, so I guess that means I started the whole thing, eh?