Friday, February 29, 2008

This week, I 'ave been mostly watching...

Primeval, the second series of which ended on Saturday. I was a bit disappointed with the resolution of last season's cliffhanger, but it did introduce the idea that someone able to travel through time can make small changes to the here and now. The full implications of that weren't revealed until this season's finale, so obviously next year I'll just skip to the end.

Actually, to be fair it had improved over the first series. Her out of S-Club managed to keep her clothes on most of the time (although for some reason she sold her Mini. Or maybe it was a parallel universe her, without any taste.) and there was even a story arc, which added a bit of depth to the running around after CGI, which got a bit tiresome last year.

So, it's no Doctor Who, but if the pace picks up season three might be worth watching.

Ashes to Ashes, the Life on Mars spin-off set in the early 80s. Now I liked Gene Hunt, and I liked the 80s, so I had high hopes for this. It has had it's moments - like Zippy and George from out of Rainbow making a cameo appearance - but there's something missing. Apart from there being a bird on the team in place of Sam Tyler, that is. And I don't know whether Gene's gone a bit soft, but he hasn't made me laugh as much as he did in LoM. But mainly, knowing what happened to Sam, the mystery has left the show, and for me that's spoilt it somewhat. The writers have dealt with that issue quite nicely though, so it's still good telly, if no Life on Mars.

Love the Quattro though!

Torchwood. The Doctor Who spin-off set in Cardiff. And may I say, good call to go back on the original plan not to do any cross-overs. The arrival of Martha Jones has mixed things up nicely, and the episodes she has been in have been about the best so far (although, I suspect they could overdo the story arc if it drags on too long).

It's no Doctor Who, but it is (dare I say it?) the Torchwood we were all hoping for. More please!


Mirtika said...

Hey, we don't get that Gene Hunt show yet. I'd watch to see what they do. But it would be hard to top LIFE ON MARS, not matter what. Great show.

On to...You mean TORCHWOOD stops being a snogging idiot-fest of ominisexuality? Does the cast learn to act?

One can hope. ; )

Mir<--who thinks Torchwood sucks, but was delighted to see James Marsters all the same...

UKSteve said...

Did you see Yoda on it in the end? Or did you blink?

And yes, the snog-factor on Torchwood has gone way down. Now at least they only talk about it, and the beeb have given us a pre-watershed option where they don't evewn do that. Anyway, give 'Reset' a chance, if that hasn't gone out there yet. You may be pleasantly surprised...

Mirtika said...

I was on the lookout for Yoda and neber saw it. Let me know which episode and about how many minutes into it or what scene, etc, so maybe I can catch it by repeat. :D


UKSteve said...

It's about 50 minutes into episode 6, Sam is running into the hospital, and for a second or two the back of Yoda is in the foreground.

You may have blinked. :)