Wednesday, April 23, 2008

CSFF Blog Tour: The Begotten

Happy St George's Day!

I've been busy lately. (What do you mean you couldn't tell?)

Unfortunately, not entirely busy working on Project Seven, although the timeline has now fallen into place which opens a few more definite options for the setting and 'action' portion of the story.
But the combination of St George's Day and a passing blog tour seemed like a good reason to drag this little web page out of retirement.

So, on our tour this week, it's The Begotten by Lisa T Bergren, which appears to be a 'religious thriller', but, unlike The Da Da De Da Da Code, is part historical fiction too, being set in 1339.

Where that fits on the CSFF blog tour may not be apparent from that, but throw in the lost letters of St Paul, which contain prohecies of the Gifted - people with spiritual gifts on steroids - and you get the link.

Yes, this is part historical fiction, part religious thriller, part alternate history, and part medieval superhero story. All things to all people, you might say.

One thing strikes me as odd here, particularly about the Christian publishing universe. In a Christian novel, it seems, you're not allowed to swear, but rewriting the Bible as we know it is OK. The CBA must be a very odd place. I'd quite like to visit someday, but I don't think I could live there.

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Mirtika said...

I have no probems with a speculative "what if" that has another apostolic bit of info. I mean, as long as we're all clear it's not some cult thing and it's all really what if situation.

Still, it is mighty odd and I agree with you, that there is a freaky thing going on when swearing is taboo but, hey, revelation is up for grabs. :)

I say this as someone who makes free with some stuff other people may take issue with, fictionally.

Maybe we can tour the facilities together, and you can sneak me DVD-R's of the bits of DW I don't get fast enough in the US? :)


UKSteve said...

No, sorry, I'm keeping my advance viewing rights on the Doc. You get to see just about everything else before me (OK, except Ashes to Ashes) so I retain the right to wave tantalising titbits about DW in front of you on this blog.

Her babyship is a big fan, btw. Completely without encouragement, too.