Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Goodbye Captain Jack, hello Doctor Who

First there was the Torchwood finale. I realise this may put me in a minority, but I have to say I've quite enjoyed season 2. There were even episodes I would probably watch again. Sadly the finale wasn't one of them; crammed full of excitement it may have been, but the actual story was pretty forgettable and I'm left with a vague sense that if I watch it again too soon I'll just notice a lot of plotholes.

So having killed Owen off half way throught the series (albeit he didn't stop moving) they should co-opt that nice Doctor Jones on a more permanent basis and try again. Oh, and would somebody please neuter Captain Jack before season three?

Putting all of that in the shade, however, is the return of Doctor Who. I may have been a bit sceptical about Donna Noble to start with, but she seemed less annoying than when she first met the Doctor, and after the rampant hormones of Torchwood it will probably make a nice change for there to be absolutely no romantic tension in Doctor Who. At least, not until Rose, Martha and Sarah Jane turn up.

I've been watching The Bionic Woman lately too, and it occurred to me last night: that Michelle Ryan does the unconvincing-Hollywood-British-accent, um, quite convincingly.


Mirtika said...

I actually got bored with the Torchwood finale, and I started web-surfing home prices in Seattle. Looked up again to see the final minutes. Ho-hum. And yes, please neuter the whole lot of them.

On the bright side: I can't wait for the next season of my fave Doctor. Season three was so wonderful (mostly wonderful, I really hate the Daleks and wish they'd never use them again), that I'm psyched. Gosh, David T is perfect, perfect, perfect as DW. Tenth doc's the charm, apparently.

I haven't been online much, but couldn't help seeing what my fave brit-blogger's up to.


UKSteve said...

Yay, the Mir's still alive!

And you win the Rory for 'Most Random Thing To Do While Torchwood Is On'