Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Tunes v CSFF Blog Tour: DragonLight

Her it is then, the moment Donita K Paul has spent the last two years waiting for: The Top Ten Dragon songs, as voted for by an expert panel of mythical creatures. You might like to play some or all of these tracks while enjoying her latest novel, DragonLight.

10. Red Dragon - Compliments on Your Kiss
Horrible nasty reggae pop cheese.
9. T. Rex - Theme for a Dragon
Because we haven't had any T.Rex on Tuesday Tunes since the last Top Ten.
8. Toto - St George and the Dragon
Double-whammy time: this one's from the LP Hydra, which was of course a dragonesque creature of Greek legend.
7. Vangelis - The Dragon
This weeks electronic selection comes from that bloke who did the BladeRunner score.
6. Sugarcubes - Dragon
A mythical track which may or may not exist on some versions of their album Life's Too Good.
5. Queen - Dragon Attack
Apparently created during a drunken jam session. Had to put up with a cover on the mixtape, sorry.
4. Soup Dragons - Whole Wide World
The only indie rock band named after a character from The Clangers, which was of course a favourite show of The Master.
3. The Prodigy - Firestarter
Well they do. And that crazy dancing in the video was scary like a dragon.
2. Fountains of Wayne - Red Dragon Tattoo
What can I say? These guys keep making cool music with spec-fic relevant titles.
1. Tori Amos - Puff (The Magic Dragon)
Treading the thin line between sublime and ridiculous...

Not all of the tracks are available online, but here are those that are, in handy mixtape form:



Matthew Celestine said...

'The Dragons of Time' by Summoning (Austrian Black Metal).

'Ea Lord of the Depths' by Burzum (Norweygian Black Metal)

'Dragonslayer' by Battlelore (Tolkien-obsessed metal from Finland)

UKSteve said...

Norwegian Black Metal? I think I've alienated the Tour enough with my random 80s computing references without going there...

I'd love to come and nose through your record collection though - Der Letze Winter sounded intriguing. I'm not sure I'd like it, but it sounds interesting.

Matthew Celestine said...

'Der Letze Winter' is not a very accesible record unless you already have a grasp of that style of music.