Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My official NaNo project

Sorry, posting has been a little erratic of late hasn't it? Well I'm afraid that's not going to improve any time soon, as I have officially signed up for National Novel Writing Month, as evidenced by the appearance of the wordcount widget on the sidebar. And I have decided on my project.

I ruled Project Seven out, I want to figure out the extra character first, and because it's the story I really want to write, I want to give it proper time and attention.

I do have some (though I say it myself) brilliantly funny ideas, but the reason my writing floundered somewhat when I was younger is that I was trying to be Douglas Adams, and just couldn't be consistently funny for a sufficient wordcount, so comic is off the menu too. I'm keeping the ideas, because some of them are good; some lend themselves obviously to sketches, others I may keep for short stories, or have a comic novel ticking along for when I get bored of the seriousness of Project Seven.

So I will be digging out the notes on the sequel to Countless as the Stars, and working on that during November. My current problem with that is that I don't have a title, but hopefully one will present itself during the writing process.

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