Friday, October 31, 2008

What? What?! WHAT?!!

OK, so it wasn't that big a surprise really. Still a bit sad though, 'cos David Tennant totally rocks the TARDIS. Her Babyship will be distraught, mind. She will be four by the time she sees it, so she may be able to understand the concept of regeneration. Although she'll probably just end up expecting her budgie to turn into a hamster when it drops off its perch.

Anyway, the matter in hand: the eleventh Doctor. There probably isn't an actor alive who hasn't been suggested for the role somewhere on the interweb, but why not join in, eh?

It's hard to pick someone who hasn't been in it recently: Anthony Giles Head or that bloke out of Hustle might be fun. Or for that matter, James Marsters does a decent cockney voice, and he was only in Torchwood, which doesn't count. Actually I don't think being in a previous ep should preclude anyone, although I think recasting a previous Master as the Doctor probably stretches that a bit. Which is a shame, because John Simm (did I mention I met him once?) would otherwise be perfect. (Although, imagine him looking in the mirror the first time after regenerating.... 'What? What!? WHAAAAT!!!!?' and then meeting Martha Jones again....)

Or, or: Philip Glenister! 'You great... soft... sissy... girlie... nancy... French... Man United supporting CYBERPOOF!!'

For laughs: Bill Bailey. For deadpan laughs: Jack Dee.

Now I'm not sure if it's possible for a Time Lord to become a Time Lady. I don't know enough about Time Lord physiology, never mind the social and relational difficulties that might ensue (although, with Russel T Davies also going, there is a possibility that any female Doctor may not still fancy Rose Tyler). But if there was a female Doc, it would simply have to be Billie. Dr 10's still unrequited love (insert technobabble here) makes him subconsciously turn himself into the dead spit of Rose.

No, I'm still into the Bill Bailey idea.


Larry Denninger said...

Cool! Another Catholic Dr Who fan!! Started watching the series on PBS in 1983 and was instantly hooked.

I too was saddened to read that David will soon be a former Doctor, but as all things tend to do, things change. I haven't an opinion as to who the next Doctor ought to be, but I'm not keen on a Time Lady. That would be pushing the envelope a bit too much, IMHO.

I'm sure they'll select another good actor to replace David - I place him 2nd behind Tom Baker's regeneration - and wondering who it's going to be is half the fun of waiting.

OF course, once this happens, there's only 2 regenerations left, unless they find some way to "stretch" the Time Lord mythology to allow a 14th regeneration down the road.

Now that I think about it, Simon Pegg would make a hilarious Doctor.

UKSteve said...

Simon Pegg, eh? Now that would be good if they littered the scripts with Spaced references...