Tuesday, July 20, 2010

CSFF Blog Tour vs Tuesday Tunes

This week your CSFF Blog Tour is looking at Starlighter by Bryan Davis, the first volume in the Dragons of Starlight series. And since we've already covered the Top Ten Dragon Songs, so...
It's the Top Ten Starlight Songs!

10. Savatage: Starlight
Proper 80s rock... these guys sound as scary as their name!

9. Minus 8: Starlight
That's better, this weeks first piece of electronica... not at all scary!

8. Snowgoons: Starlight
Possibly the first German hip-hop outfit to feature in a Top Ten...

7. The Supermen Lovers: Starlight
Possibly the first French act to feature in a Top Ten, with this one-hit wonder from 2001.

6. Indochine: Starlight
Possibly the second French act to feature in a Top Ten, with this combination of catchy chorus and incomprehensible verses.

5. Lou Reed & John Cale: Starlight
Is anyone spotting a theme yet?

4. Electric Light Orchestra: Starlight
I love these guys!

3. Slash featuring Myles Kennedy: Starlight
Nice little slice of guitar tunage here by that bloke from out of Guns n Roses.

2. Dead Composers: Starlight
Nicely chilled out electronica with weird foreign lyrics.

1. Muse: Starlight
And what better way to finish than with some Devon style indie rock.

Here's your Spotify playlist: Starlight Top Ten. As ever, the unSpotified among you will need to skip to rest of the tour:
Brandon Barr Beckie Burnham Jeff Chapman R. L. Copple CSFF Blog Tour Stacey Dale D. G. D. Davidson Jeff Draper April Erwin Andrea Graham Tori Greene Nikole Hahn Ryan Heart Becky Jesse Cris Jesse Jason Joyner Julie Carol Keen Krystine Kercher Dawn King Leighton Jane Maritz Rebecca LuElla Miller John W. Otte Donita K. Paul Crista Richey SarahFlan Chawna Schroeder Rachel Starr Thomson Fred Warren Dona Watson Phyllis Wheeler Jill Williamson KM Wilsher

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