Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Why I Don't Write

  • Real life gets in the way. Holding down a full time job, being a parent and writing do not naturally work well together. Time management is not a strong point of mine, sadly.
  • I'm not very good. This is, of course, a matter of opinion, and subject to the truism that practice makes perfect. It is also, perhaps, something I have led myself to believe following countless rejections and should probably get over. But that's for another post entirely...
  • It's a silly act of worship. Surely if it was a valid act of worship it would have been blessed with a multi-pound publishing contract, right? Well no, obviously, but that doesn't stop me having a crisis of confidence over whether to carry on, or what the point in it all is.
  • It's what God made me to do. And that, I guess is the bottom line. The work of God's people is opposed, and since completing Countless as the Stars I've been pretty well derailed by all that insecurity, bad time management, and the flat refusal to accept that God wants me to write stories. Which, it could be argued, must mean there's still at least one pretty awesome book inside me. So I guess I should be writing...

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