Monday, August 21, 2006

Pear-shaped: The August CSFF blog tour

I'm beginning to suspect the blog tour doesn't like me. Last month I was on holiday for it. This month it's for a book which sounds like the sort of thing I'd like (a space opera with spiritual themes? What do you mean you'd guessed?) but which is not widely available in the UK.

Stupid backwater country. With no market for Christian fiction. Except, apparently, Left Behind. But I'm not bitter.

Here's the link for the book in question, the Firebird Trilogy by Kathy Tyers. Which I haven't read yet, due to the difficulty in obtaining a copy, but which I intend to. A review will follow eventually, but I might have missed this tour...

The tour is masterminded this time round by Beth Goddard, who has an interview with the author on her blog. Elliot has posted one of his annoyingly informed reviews here - good to see he's finally admitted to reading too much science fiction... that's the first step to recovery, I hear.

Other bloggers with posts up on the tour already are:
Rebecca Grabill
Karen Hancock
Katie Hart
Sharon Hinck
Jason Joyner
Tina Kulesa
Shannon McNear
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Cheryl Russel
Mirtika Schultz
Speculative Faith

The tour continues for another couple of days, so expect more posts to follow.


Elliot said...


Annoyingly informed? I have read her books, which makes me more informed than a lot of people on this tour! ;-)

Elliot said...

But on a more serious note, I suppose I could send you a copy of the Firebird trilogy in exchange for a copy of your book...?

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Woo-hoo! Steve! What an offer. Win-win for you.

Or, you could check out Amazon.UK. I'd think you could get the trilogy from them.

I did think this book is right up your alley--and I'd really like to know what another SF writer thinks of it. It's one thing for fantasy folks to voice an opinion, quite another who writes (and presumably reads) in the same genre.

But you did a nice job promoting the tour for us in spite of not having the book. Thanks a bunch.


UKSteve said...

That's a bit cheeky, Elliot! Of course I meant 'informed' as in you've read a lot of sf. Which makes me slightly nervous at the prospect of you getting your hands on anything I might have written...
But hey, e-mail me, we'll talk swopsies! (There's an address on my website)

Elliot said...

Heh heh - well, you've got a good excuse. Other people HAVE the book and haven't read it.

I'll drop you a line!

Shannon McNear said...

LOL!! There's nothing wrong w/ Elliot that six kids (or so) wouldn't cure ... ;-)

Elliot said...