Monday, August 14, 2006

The Wisdom of Star Trek

Thanks to Mir for passing this further round the blogosphere... couldn't resist (since I've started illustrating my blog now!) posting a couple that tickled me...

"Words don't always solve problems. Sometimes you just have to punch an alien in the face."

So true.

"Look, not every episode can be 'City on the Edge of Forever', Okay?"

I love the episode Spock's Brain. The dialogue in the opening scenes between Jim and Bones couldn't have been funnier in the hands of the best Trek spoofers.

Is it any wonder Star Trek is the most influential sf TV series of all time?


Mirtika said...

As a teen, I would have had those posters all over my room.

And...even "City on the Edge of Forever" wasn't "City on the Edge of Forever." Ellison says so. :)


Matthew Celestine said...

That is funny.

So what was your favorite episode of the orginal series?