Friday, August 11, 2006

DVDs I'm currently loving

I'm loving Season 3 of Angel.

Angel practically disappeared from terrestrial UK TV during season 3, having switched to Channel 5 and being shown in a constantly-shifting middle-of-the-night slot. I taped a few episodes but gave up in the end, and have now worked my way through to the second half of the season on DVD.

Although I have heard bits of what's to come in the next couple of seasons, most of what I have to look forward to is completely new to me, and as I said, I'm loving it. I'm particularly loving Season 3 because Angel has just become a Dad, and that is something I can totally relate to!

I also finally got round to watching Serenity, after my DVD player packed up last time I started. (The proceeds from Yoda on Mars covered the cost of a replacement.) I was late to the party here, too - Joss Whedon is apparently no longer popular with UK TV, so I held off watching Serenity until I had seen the Firefly DVDs.

I must admit, I wasn't quite ready for how dark it got on Miranda - I think the tag line 'They aim to misbehave' kind of led me to expect a kind of Italian Job-style crime caper in space. With cowboys.

Instead, I can't help thinking it had everything a Star Wars movie should have had: witty one-liners, a huge space battle, climactic shoot-out, one really nasty bad guy, a girl who really kicks butt (a sort of post-Buffy Princess Leia, maybe), and absolutely no Jar Jar Flaming Binks. Oh, and Mal Reynolds is renegade-with-a-heart in the Han Solo mould. I reckon he'd shoot first, too.

The bigger picture themes of belief, sin and redemption crop up - and not just from Shepherd Book. Elliot made a few comments in this direction in his review a while back.

It's not all Joss, though; I've also watched a few episodes of last year's Doctor Who again. It occurred to me watching the Dalek episode, which for me was one of the series highlights, that the Doctor sacrificing Rose for the greater good of mankind became a bit of a recurring theme over the first two seasons. I'm sure it wasn't like that in the old days. I remember when the good Doctor wouldn't sacrifice a Jelly Baby for the rest of mankind...


Mirtika said...

SERENITY blew me away. Joss manages to make people larger-than-life, and yet so real. It's a gift. I love your comparison with Star Wars. It irks me that a far superior film to any of the last trilogy of SW makes a pittance in comparison. (I was so bored with Phantom Menace and the Clone flicks that I didn't even bother watching the finale one. Yawn.)

I just got DONE THE IMPOSSIBLE in the mail today (the DVD of the fans of Firefly/Serenity).

It's small consolation, when what I really want is to still have Firefly on tv and on it's, what, fourth season?

Elliot said...

Good points! It does get disturbingly dark on Miranda. And yeah, it's so much better than Star Wars.

And thanks for the link! I wasn't sure, in retrospect, if my remarks made much sense. Plus I'm not used to people citing me! :-)

(Mir, I didn't bother watching part 3 either. Though I've borrowed a copy from my in-laws and may spend half an hour fast-fowarding through it to watch the action sequences.)

UKSteve said...

I have to admit to watching Episode III. Turns out Anakin is Vader!

I've forgotten the rest of it. In fact, the only thing I can remember from the whole prequel trilogy is Jar Jar Flaming Binks. He's been giving me nightmares for the last eight years...

Mirtika said...

You haven't seen ANGEL??? Oh, my word. Well, Connor will become amazingly annoying. And very odd things will be happening.

Wait til you get to the episode with puppets, and the one in Rome. My husband and I still crack up about the one in Rome.


Mirtika said...

Oh, and Fred looks very hot in blue.

Will not explain.

Mir<--misses her BUFFY and ANGEL weekly fixes. Sniff. And Spikey. Oh, how I miss Spikey. And Lorne. And Cap'n Mal ...sniff...WAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

UKSteve said...

Yeah, I think you should stop now Mir. I said I'd heard bits, I don;t really want you spoiling any more for me!

Steve - trying to picture Fred in blue... nah, I was always more a Buffy guy ;)

Elliot said...

I loved the Angel episode where they go to an alternate dimension and Joss does the dance of shame. And Angel is appalled by his own haircut.