Monday, June 22, 2009

CSFF Blog Tour: Vanish by Tom Pawlik

You know things have gotten a bit desperate in the Christian Science Fiction and Fantasy world when the tour gets down to this don't you. I mean, I've heard a rumour that there's going to be some actual bona fide science fiction in the next couple of months, but let's not get carried away yet, eh?

First we have to get through 200 pages about the Laundry Fairy going bad. 'Trust Pink, forget everyone you ever knew! Aaaaahahahahaaaa!'

There's obviously a good theological message behind it - something about the cleansing of our lives from the blemishes of sin, probably - but honestly, apart from a good bit where Crystal White and the Power Foam team up against a particularly nasty stain, it would have made a lot more sense if Tom Pawlik had written Vanish as a supernatural thriller, something in the vein of Kathryn Mackel, perhaps. Well, there's always the audiobook narrated by Tony Robinson to look forward to.

Incidentally, I am participating in this month's blog tour via time warp from some time last week. I'm telling you that so you know why I won't be responding immediately to the flood of comments from readers outside the UK who probably don't have a clue what Vanish is or what it has to do with Tony Robinson.

That's also why the following participant's list may not be 100% accurate:
Brandon Barr Jim Black Keanan Brand Rachel Briard Grace Bridges Valerie Comer Amy Cruson CSFF Blog Tour Stacey Dale D. G. D. Davidson Jeff Draper April Erwin Karina Fabian Alex Field Beth Goddard Todd Michael Greene Ryan Heart Timothy Hicks Christopher Hopper Joleen Howell Becky Jesse Cris Jesse Jason Joyner Kait Carol Keen Krystine Kercher Dawn King Terri Main Margaret Melissa Meeks Rebecca LuElla Miller Caleb Newell Eve Nielsen Nissa John W. Otte John Ottinger Epic Rat Steve Rice Crista Richey Hanna Sandvig Chawna Schroeder James Somers Robert Treskillard Rachel Starr Thomson Steve Trower Speculative Faith Fred Warren Phyllis Wheeler Jill Williamson


Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Steve, you're as funny as ever! LOL

Thanks for taking part in the tour.


Beth Goddard said...

Seriously, I have no comment to this. :)

Beth Goddard said...

You know, like in "Joe and the Volcano?" I did think of a comment--yes, bring back Kathryn Mackel!!

Steve said...

I did a comment on American Vanish! It's good to know Clean Jokes prevail on both sides of the pond.