Monday, June 29, 2009

Unrealistic goals

So it's half way through the year, and it seems like a blog post would easily be filled by reflecting on how woefully I have performed in the unrealistic goals I set myself at the beginning of the year.

Let's take a deep breath and see what progress has been made then:
  • Daily devotional time: I started out well actually, and kept pretty much up to date with the Daily Audio Bible until my mp3 player broke. I didn't really get into the flow again before we went away last week, so I'm starting this one again today.
  • Cell group: I actually managed this one, with a lot of nudging from Mrs UKSteve.
  • Professional development: haven't started yet, but put my name down to study for an NVQ as soon as my employer finds the money.
  • Writing: er, well, er... ok, I started well here too, but the wheels fell off Project Seven as I was writing it, and I haven't really got back into it in any meaningful way for a while. I think I will have to reinvent it, possibly dust off that Christian version of Lost and use some of the good bits from that too.... I suppose it must be technically possible to get a 90k draft done in three months - it's only 1,000 words a day...
Gotta go - I should be writing!

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